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Samsung Health-Ask an Expert

2016.08 to present


The average waiting time to see an urgent care doctor is too long - over 30 mins in the United States, and the average cost for a doctor visit is too high. 


Samsung Health’s Online Doctor Visit lets users visit with world-class doctors from wherever they may be — right on their smartphone. This new telehealth service features an ultra simple user flow and intuitive design language to create a seamless user experience. 

Marketing promotional video

Credit: Script created by Danyi Robertson, Story board created by Danyi Robertson, Style frame created by Joo Bae, Motion created by Danyi Robertson and Joo Bae, UI animation created by Danyi Robertson. 

My role

As the one of two core interaction designers, I worked with one visual designer to design Ask an Expert. The product launched on March 2017. I have rolled out a few new versions since then. 

Designed voice UI and rule sets for Bixby integration into Ask an Expert. Bixby is a voice powered digital assistant for Samsung devices. 

Also, as the solo motion designer, I designed transitions to show user the hierarchy between pages, created loading animations to distract the user from waiting, and created the promotion video to explain what the product is.



Loading animation

At the last step of visit flow, usually it will take 5 to 10 seconds to validate user's insurance to get final cost of the visit. To reduce user's negative emotion during the waiting, I created a delightful loopy animation to distract user from boring waiting. 



design Challenge 

How to make complicated urgent care experience to fit for digital context. 

OTHER Challenge

  1. There are many stakeholders with different goals.
  2. Limited design resources and tight development schedule.

Kick off

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Version 1

Interaction map

I worked with another interaction designer on the first version flow for Ask an Expert based on user need, user research, competitive analysis and the experience of visiting a doctor in real life. I designed choose pharmacy, reason for visit and medical history section. This version launched on March 2017.

Choose a specific doctor flow

Choose first available doctor flow


Version 2

This version is launched in September 2017.

The biggest change for this version was to merge two visit flow into one and reduce the steps from seven to five.

After our product launched on March 2017, our user researcher did a user study with internal Samsung users by survey and interviewed a few doctors about their visit experience.

Selected quote from user

Selected quote from user

From the study, we learned that medical history (3 pages from previous flow) is not an important factor for doctors to collect before the visit because the doctor is already required to verify the information at the beginning of each call. So, we regrouped all the personal information into one page including pharmacy, insurance, and medical history. 

Simplify visit flow--Patient information

The choose a specific doctor flow and find first available doctor flow made users very confused. There is no significant difference between the two flows from the user's perspective.

Based on the feedback, we merged the two flows into one and redesigned the choose a doctor page to be the point at which the user can choose to either manually select a doctor or automatically find one .  

interaction map--Urgent care flow

End to end motion prototype -- urgent care visit

Another change for version 2 is expanding our services with appointment scheduling, offering specialty care and more medical providers. 

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 1.12.57 PM.png

interaction map--Make an appointment flow

Interaction map.002.jpeg


interaction map--Start the appointment visit flow

Interaction map.003.jpeg


After we shipped Ask an Expert on Samsung Health, to integrate with Bixby is the next thing we want to do for users. I worked very closely with PM to find out what feature is most important for our current release for Note 8. For voice UI, the most important thing is natural language. I worked with PM and researcher to create uses case, find key words, define rule sets and design the voice UI. 

Current working example

Product launched on March 2017, maintain and developing new features to present.